Cruise of Talisker off the West Coast of Scotland 2014

Kate & John Bate, Tom & Gail Thomas, John Legrice and John Harrison on Talisker a Dufour 385 chartered from Portway Yacht Charters based at Croabh Marina.





Anchored in Killchatten Bay between Shona and Luing

Killchatten Bay

Killchatten Bay


Through Cuan Sound up Firth of Lorn and Sound of Mull. Raced a Swiss 42 footer and won. Saw two masted Tall Ship.

Sailed into Tobermory Bay for photos.



Headed for Loch Earthana on Coll and made it on one tack. Moored and ate at Coll Hotel. Some swell during the night.


Loch Earthen Coll

Loch Earthana Coll

Coll - mooring

Coll – mooring



Sailed to Tresnish Isles, some difficulty picking up the entrance to the anchorage. Had lunch.


Trechnish Isles

Tresnish Isles

Watched tourist boat pick up landing stage from anchor to put passengers ashore.


Trechnish Isles

Tresnish Isles

On leaving we were nearly rammed by Corrvreckan who was not looking where she was going.

Found water tank was empty, changed tanks, still no water.

On route to Bunessan we sailed round Staffa.



Anchored at Bunessan and ferried water from fishing pier to boat in dinghy.

Bunnessan fish quay

Quiet night, ate on board. Shared the anchorage with a French boat.


Picked up lobster pot line on prop on leaving Bunessan, float end was cut by prop. No wind so dropped anchor and got line off in half an hour. Retrieved float by dinghy, tied back onto pot line.

Up anchor and under way. 20 minutes later saw two lines streaming astern, one a metre down the other two metres. Killed engine. Couldn’t anchor as in over 60 m. Got dinghy out but could not free line at all. 20 minutes later fishing boat turned up. It was their gear but they weren’t angry. They were not able to free us so cut the lines, anchored us to their gear and went to get their diving gear. Later they returned, put their diver down, he said “its a bad one, very bad” A little later he came up again having cut most of the rope off the prop, he was breathing heavily and said his air was bad! We ran the engine which threw off the last of the rope. £60 later we were off again.


Waiting for the diver

The fishing gear consisted of rows of buoys about 300 yards apart stretching for 2 miles, the rope between each buoy was floating because it was slack water according to the fishermen, they also said they had put too much out. We asked them about weighted rope, they said it was on order!

We motored to N of Sound of Iona and then sailed down. We had lunch in Tinkers Hole, narrow entrance with submerged rock. Not a lot of room but we were the only boat in.

Tinkers Hole

After lunch we navigated the Torran rocks and anchored against the beach at Carsaig Bay, it was a bit windy during the night but offshore so ok.


Through the Sound of Luing, we arrived a little early so the over falls were interesting then a magnificent sail down the sound at up to 9.5 knots.

Racing down the Sound

We decided to go to Tayvallich at the top of Loch Sween as the pilot said there was water available.


On the pontoon

We moored on the pontoon only to find that Scotland Water had condemned the water supply earlier in the year.
Went to pub for evening meal. Next morning we borrowed a sack trolley and managed to get 3 x 25 litres of water aboard.


Set out for Gigha as rumour had it their was water to be found, it took ages as we were no longer going at 9 + knots.

No water or mooring available so we didn’t stop and set off for Craighouse on Jura. 12 of the 16 moorings were taken, it’s the West Hagland Regatta next week is I think boats were coming round the Mull of Kintyre and Gigha and Craighouse are the first stops.

Shore party

Shore party but shop was closed, we had eaten the last of the bread. Chilli surprise for evening meal eaten on deck at 2030 watching sunset.

Chilli surprise



Shore party bought bread but could not get beer as shop not allowed to sell it till 1000 !
Goat Rock, scene of previous near miss has now been marked!

Goat rock

Cloudy and very little wind so motored up the Sound of Jura. Wind kicked in and sun came out. Some interesting over falls off Corryveckan. Anchored at Kilchatten for lunch.

Kilchatten bay

Arrived Croabh and filled fuel and water tanks than anchored in small cove off N end of Shona. Were joined by another yacht later.

Ruin on Shona


Quick motor over to Craobh in reduced visibility. I dismantled aft head and removed blockage, what fun.


Days on board 7
Distance travelled 204 NM
Max wind force 4
Meals ashore 2
Nights on mooring 2 – Coll, Craighouse
Nights at anchor 4 – Killchaten, Bunessan, Carsaig Bay, unknown N Shona.
Nights on pontoon 1 – Tayvallich,
Fuel used. 37.6 l

Navigational support and meteorological updates via SMS thanks to Alan Fairless.